Pests: Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Pests: Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are no fun. These little bugs are also known as red coats, chinches, or mahogany flats. Bed bugs are bloodsuckers that bother humans, chickens bats, and even some pets.

Bed bugs are known to carry disease but yet they haven’t been implicated in the spreading disease to humans. For a while, they were wiped out by modern insecticides but have been coming back.

Bed bugs like hiding near your bed because they can hide easily and also feed mostly during the night. They can be behind wallpaper, under carpeting, or in cracks and crevices of your walls or furniture.

Adult bed bugs are long and flat creatures with really small wings and their size is about 1/4 -1/3 of an inch. If they look swollen and red they are likely full from a recent feeding.

They are hard to find because they are active at night. When you have an infestation you will notice a foul odor from their oily secretions.

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