Why do termites swarm?

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Why do termites swarm?

Termites are a swarming insect.  When a colony grows too large young winged males and females leave to start a new colony.  These are sometimes called reproductive.  Depending on the type of termite colonies will generally swarm in in the afternoon or evening from March to July.

As temperatures begin to warm termites will begin to emerge in large group and create swarms.  While they are swarming the females attract males by emitting pheromones.  Once the females find a male they will break off their wings and select a new location to begin a new colony.  In three to four years the new colony will start this cycle again.

Termites cause over $5 billion in damage annually and can compromise a home’s structural stability in as little as three months.  Regular inspections are extremely important since damage can be done so quickly and without you knowing.  If you see termites call Hannan Environmental Services and let us take care of these destructive pests.

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