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    In addition to spreading disease and contaminating food, cockroaches may also trigger allergies and worsen asthma episodes in humans.

    When cockroaches move through rotting materials or sewage, they take up germs on their legs and bodies that they subsequently transfer to food or surfaces in our houses – horrible!

    They are known or suspected carriers of the germs that cause cholera, leprosy, typhoid fever, dysentery, diarrhea, dysentery, plague, and poliomyelitis, according to the World Health Organization. At least 33 distinct bacterial species and six different parasitic worm species have been linked to certain roaches.

    Cockroaches, which have been present for more than 300 million years, are regrettably among the most prevalent insects.

    Roaches that live outdoors are typically discovered in mulch, tree holes, leaf litter, and wet regions found under vegetation. They generally reside in houses by accident and prefer the outdoors. However, these disgusting creatures pose health risks if they manage to get inside.

    German Cockroaches

    The most prevalent cockroach in America is the German cockroach.

    The back of an adult German cockroach is pale to medium brown, and there are two almost parallel black stripes there.

    These roaches have six spine-covered legs and long, almost straight antennae. Despite having wings, they rarely fly.

    The female German cockroach may reproduce up to six generations every year and only has to mate once to be able to generate eggs for the rest of her life.

    in a single year, more than 30,000 German cockroaches can be produced from a single egg-carrying female in a house or structure.

    The majority of the time, discarded appliances, cartons, bags, containers, and other materials are utilized to transport these roaches into a residence. Once inside, they may easily move between flats or across rooms by utilizing the plumbing and pipelines.

    German cockroaches eat virtually everything, including toothpaste, glue, and soap. It’s critical to take action as soon as you spot one since they flourish in human buildings and may fit in confined areas.

    Brown Banded Cockroaches

    Brown banded cockroaches are often less than half an inch long, making them smaller than most other cockroach species. Their two lighter bands that run over their dark-brown bodies are how they receive their name. Although both sexes of the brown-banded cockroach are active, only the male has the ability to fly.

    Compared to most cockroach species, brown-banded cockroaches seem to choose warmer, drier environments and higher altitudes. They are frequently discovered within pantries, closets, dressers, refrigerator motor housings, higher cabinets in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as other furniture in general.

    They can also be found behind picture frames and beneath tables and chairs, and inside clocks, radios, light switch plates, door frames, and dressers.

    It is common to find brown-banded cockroaches hiding closer to the ceiling than the floor, and away from water sources.

    American Cockroach

    The American cockroach, often known as the palmetto bug, is the biggest of the common cockroach species, reaching lengths of more than 2 inches. It has a pale brown or yellow border and is reddish brown in color. Both males and females have wings, however the males’ wings are longer than the females’. Both have a limited range of glide.

    The most prevalent cockroach species discovered in urban sewage systems are American cockroaches. American cockroaches invade homes to locate food or water, despite the fact that they prefer to dwell outside.

    If the weather stripping is compromised, they may simply slip under doors. Other popular entrances include garages and basement windows.

    The bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements are the most common entry points for American cockroaches into houses. They will hunt for food leftovers, spills, and crumbs, and they occasionally devour pet food that has been left out.

    Getting rid of cockroaches

    In general, cockroaches are opportunistic feeders, so it is best to get them out of your house as soon as possible.

    You can usually tell if you have an infestation by the presence of either adult cockroaches or nymphs and egg cases.

    If you see roaches or their droppings, it is important to contact a pest control service for identification and removal.

    Do not hesitate to contact our staff if you believe you have a problem and require professional cockroach control. We have educated and qualified pest prevention specialists that can handle any project.

    A hassle-free, free home inspection is the first step in figuring out exactly what’s wrong with your house, what needs to be done to properly and permanently solve the issue, and then actually doing it.

    We ensure that all of our clients have the supplies they require to feel secure in their homes by providing excellent customer service, ongoing client communication, and complete pest control and prevention. And in order to get there, we make sure we surpass their expectations.


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