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    Pet Friendly Pest Control

    What is pest control that is pet-friendly?

    Many pests may be harmful to your pet’s health, so you need to be sure that any treatments you use to get rid of these bugs won’t hurt your animals. What to anticipate from pet-friendly insect control is as follows:

    • Your professional will recognize the pests and apply efficient, animal-friendly management measures.
    • The strategy for getting rid of the pests will combine a number of pest management techniques, such as the application of treatments.
    • When deciding where to apply the treatments, the pest control expert will keep your pet’s welfare a top priority.
    • For the application of the treatments, your technician will carefully adhere to all directions.

    Do you provide pest treatment that’s safe for pets?

    Yes, we are pleased to provide our clients’ animal companions with this service. We appreciate the faith our clients have in us to deliver effective pet-friendly pest control since we know how much they value their pets.

    We provide integrated pest control options that are suitable for both you and your pet’s requirements and are pet-friendly. Get more information on everything you should do to keep your pet happy, healthy, and pest-free from your pet-friendly pest control professional.

    Are pet-friendly pest control methods used?

    We provide effective, pet-friendly pest control services. Materials for household pest control are made to be administered at low concentrations. They are therefore efficient in getting rid of insects without endangering people or pets.

    The pet-friendly pest control program from Hannan Environmental Services is intended to deal with current pest problems as well as to avoid new ones. The greatest way to ensure a healthy house is to avoid an infestation, and your expert technician can inform you of the best techniques for prevention.

    Before treating our home for pests, what, if any, preventive or protective steps should we take for our pets?

    Before, during, and after any planned treatments, be sure you understand the many treatment choices accessible to you, as well as your obligations as a homeowner. You may protect your dogs from future infestations by taking the following precautions:

    Vacuum often to aid in flea prevention by eliminating eggs, larvae, and adults. Along with the carpet, vacuum the upholstered furniture and baseboards.

    Wash bedding where pets sleep and remove any old pet bedding, as well as any other objects that may carry extreme infestation levels. When required, replace them with fresh things.

    Pets should be combed and groomed on a regular basis, especially around the neck, where fleas prefer to collect.



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    Pet Friendly Treatments

    Our pet friendly pest control treatments mean you and your pets can relax and enjoy a safe and bug-free home without worry.

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    We understand that it can be difficult to take time out of your schedule to arrange for pest control.  We offer same day service to help you out.  Give us a call and one of our technicians can meet you that same day or whatever day works for you.  They will inspect your house and give you a free quote and can start the work then and there so you don’t have to take any more time out of your schedule.

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    Here at Hannan Environmental Services we want you to feel like a member of the family.  To us you are a person not a number.  We are committed to giving you the best protection from bugs and ensuring all your worries drift away.   We are so confident we offer a 100% service guarantee.

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