Hurricane season means more bugs

by | Jul 20, 2023 | Ants, Blog, Pest Control, Pests, Termites

Hurricane season means more bugs - Hannan Environmental Services

Hurricane season means more bugs

Hurricane season begins on June 1st and goes for 5 months. Peak storm season is generally in August and September. Even when we here in Florida aren’t having an actual hurricane we are plagued with daily showers. Along with the joy of hurricanes and constant showers we also notice an influx of pests. During hurricane season, certain types of bugs may become more prevalent or exhibit different behaviors due to the environmental changes associated with hurricanes.

Why does the wet season bring more bugs to our doorsteps? One reason is that storms create the perfect environment for lots of insects. Rain and flooding cause most predators to retreat into their nests and burrows as well as into your house. While many insects won’t come out while it is raining as the force of the raindrops can hurt them, anyone from South Florida knows, the sun will soon come out and they will have the freedom to run around again.

Understanding the complex interactions between hurricane season and insect populations is crucial for effective disaster preparedness, response, and long-term ecological management.


Mosquitoes are exceptionally well suited for wet climates. Pools of standing water are the perfect breeding ground for them. They only require an inch of water to start the extremely quick reproduction process. Once they lay their eggs they will hatch into larvae in as little as 24 hours and in only a week they will enter the pupal stage before becoming an adult.

In order to prevent this, try and eliminate any standing water that has accumulated in flowerpots, low spots, and check that your gutters are also free of debris and draining properly. Eliminating their breeding spots will significantly reduce their population.


Termites are another insect that love wet areas. Water-damaged wood is their main source of nutrition and they love it. Termite colonies seek out areas of the home that are waterlogged or have been damaged from moisture.

Walk the perimeter of your house and inspect for rotted or discolored spots particularly the facia at the roofline, around the foundation, and around any pool decks.


Ants are the one bug on this list that does not enjoy wet areas. While they aren’t affected by a light shower when it starts to flood, they start to immediately search for dry ground. Unfortunately, that dry ground tends to be your house. Many times, you will notice trails of ants marching into your house after or during a bad storm.

It’s essential to take precautions to minimize exposure to these pests during hurricane season, such as using insect repellents, eliminating standing water around homes, and maintaining good sanitation practices. Additionally, repairing any structural damage to buildings promptly can help prevent pest infestations. Check the seals around your doors and windows to ensure they don’t have access to your home.

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