Pest Information

Pest Information

Advisory issued for St. Lucie County over mosquito-borne illness

The Florida Department of Health issued an advisory for residents in St. Lucie county on Oct. 22nd that an increase in mosquito born diseases has been detected. Officials have found multiple chickens that have tested positive for West Nile virus and that there is a risk of transmission to humans. "We...

termite hill

Amazing but true. Interesting facts about bugs.

Termites jam out to rock music A study from an Australian group of scientists in 2004 shows that termites eat wood faster when rock music plays.  Why?  The frequency outputs of bass and electric guitars create a vibration in the wooden blocks that mimics the vibration caused by termites feeding...

business image

The importance of commercial pest control

As a business owner we know the difficulties in running a business successfully.  Constant decisions and staying on top of everything can take up a significant amount of time and any problems can be difficult to recover from. Most companies don’t worry about pest control until its too late.  A...

dog and cat

How to spot and safely remove ticks from your pet

Ticks are small vampiric parasites that routinely transmit diseases to people and animals. The most common disease spread by ticks is Lyme disease. Ticks are most common during summer months when people are active outdoors, and this is also when their eggs hatch into larva. Signs your pet has a tick If...

picture of a grapefruit

EPA approves nontoxic chemical repellent for ticks and mosquitoes

The Environmental Protection Agency approved a new chemical that repels both ticks and mosquitoes and in high concentrations can kill them. Nootkatone, an oil found in cedar trees and grapefruits, is completely safe and you have probably already come into contact with it. If you have had a Fresca you...

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