Why Do You Need a Termite Inspection?

by | Jul 20, 2023 | Termites, Pest Control, Pests

Why Do You Need a Termite Inspection?

Why Do You Need a Termite Inspection and What Is It?

A secure and structurally healthy house must always undergo termite inspections. Knowing if you must deal with a pest control specialist to get rid of an infestation is crucial whether you require a termite inspection for a home purchase or are selling your house. Even if you aren’t relocating, pest control experts emphasize the value of yearly termite inspections to prevent expensive problems.

Why do you need a termite inspection?

A termite inspection is a crucial step in protecting your home or property from termite damage. It’s wonderful to purchase a home, and it’s simple to become preoccupied with a new home’s aesthetics. It’s essential to have a termite inspection BEFORE signing the dotted line in order to evaluate any termite damage before you start decorating your new place. If you skip this inspection as part of the home-buying process, your ideal house might rapidly become a nightmare.

Additionally, even if you aren’t relocating, an infestation can empty your bank account quickly because this bug costs the US economy $5 billion annually, which is closer to $6.8 billion when adjusted for inflation in today’s market. Unfortunately for homeowners, insurance frequently does not pay for these expenses.

Even while termites may infest buildings everywhere in the United States, wood-destroying bug inspections are crucial for anybody relocating to or purchasing a property in one of the country’s warmer areas, where termites are most common.

While purchasers may like Florida, often known as “The Sunshine State,” or the stunning Southern California coast, termites also adore warm, moist environments. While inspections are possible throughout the year, the spring and summer are the best times to look for swarmers.

What is a termite inspection?

All areas that are accessible will be examined by a termite inspector for evidence of previous and present termite infestation and damage.

Your inspector should point out any places in or around the house that may be favorable to termite activity in addition to recognizing activity. Standing water on the roof, water pools near the foundation, wood mulch close to the foundation, and wooden deck supports that come in contact with the ground are examples of structural and moisture problems.

A termite inspector searches for telltale indications of a termite infestation, such

  • wood damage
  • mud tubes
  • discarded wings
  • termites exit holes
  • termite droppings

What areas do termite inspectors inspect?

Based on the distinctive behavior of each termite species, termite inspectors concentrate on typical termite entry sites and hot locations for activity. For instance, the inspector will focus on the inside and outside perimeter of a home, including the lowest level of the house, foundation, basement, accessible attics, and crawlspaces, when looking for subterranean and formosan termite activity. Your inspector will check exposed wood, hardwood floors, attics, crawlspaces, and eaves, where accessible, to determine whether drywood termites are present in the area. Additionally, inspectors might look for evidence of drywood termites on wooden furniture.

Your termite inspector will record the conditions there and discuss alternative ways to conduct a more thorough examination with specialized equipment if they detect activity in a location that is not readily accessible. In order to confirm termite activity, inspectors may advise boring tiny holes in walls or other structures.

Regular termite inspections are essential for safeguarding your property against the destructive power of termites. They help in early detection, preserving property value, providing peace of mind, ensuring legal compliance, and benefiting from professional expertise. Scheduling annual inspections with a qualified pest control professional is a proactive step in maintaining a termite-free home.

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