We take care of your house and lawn​

Pest Control

Our technicians are familiar with the local pest populations and can recognize an infestation, assess current and prospective problems, and provide the finest, most thorough treatments that instantly begin to work. We’ll provide you with a straightforward explanation of your pest issue and work with you to build a personalized solution to get rid of your pests and prevent them from returning, 365 days a year. You can relax once the treatment begins. We promise to get rid of your bugs and prevent them from returning. Or we’ll return without charging you between sessions.

Lawn Care

Regularly treating your lawn and shrubs to stop pest infestations and fungus growth is often necessary to keep them looking their best. Not only are our trained specialists capable of eliminating a variety of weeds. They may help eliminate pests and fungi from your lawn and bushes. In light of this, we adhere to a number of rules that the department of agriculture and the FDEP have established. Our ultimate objective is to make your home’s exterior more appealing and to ensure that your green spaces look their best. Today, give Hannan’s lawn and shrub care a try!