Why do I see more bugs in my house during winter?

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Why do I see more bugs in my house during winter?

It’s not your imagination or just you if you’ve observed an uptick in insects in and around your home in the autumn. Pests seeking to escape the colder temperatures are to blame. Pests can move south, burrow in or beneath garbage, or just try to enter our houses. Overwintering is the term used in science to describe this phenomenon.

In the winter, bugs frequently enter houses in search of warmth. Most animals cannot endure extreme cold. They can hide in the warmth of your house. Before sneaking inside homes in the fall, a lot of overwintering bugs congregate on the exterior of buildings. They’ll remain in your home through the winter and come out in the spring when it becomes warmer. They could be induced to leave early on a warm winter day.

In addition to warmth, bugs also require moisture and food. Cockroaches and other pests come into houses looking for these items. In your home, pests will be drawn to any wet locations. In the winter, food supplies may also make your house a secure location. Pests can find food in crumbs, spills, and even everyday objects.

Here are some insects to watch out for in winter:

Many of the pests on the winter bug list are present all year long, but when they seek cover from the harsh weather outside, they may become more numerous inside the home during the colder months. Watch out for these wintertime insects:


Because they like damp, cool environments, silverfish are most prevalent during the winter. They are usually in an attic or a restroom that isn’t frequently used. Uncontrolled female silverfish might produce thousands of eggs, leading to an infestation.


Ants may enter your home through small gaps or openings or may land on plants, flowers, or other exterior goods. They are colonists; chances are that if you find one, there are many around. Ants are looking for food. If they are inside your house, they will move toward the kitchen or a source of food.


Cockroaches cannot thrive in cooler climes since they are native to tropical African regions. Because they enter warm, moist areas of homes to overwinter, cockroaches are a problem everywhere, although they are more prevalent in the Southeast and Southwest because of the climate.


Ticks are a summertime nuisance, but certain varieties are often referred to as winter insects. The deer tick is a wintertime pest that may be found on both the West and East Coasts. Keep an eye out for them around the house since they are one of the few insects that bite in the winter. And to keep them out, make sure your dog isn’t bringing any unwanted guests back inside after a trip outside.


Although spiders are a year-round nuisance, the colder months may bring out more of them. They are looking for a warm, dark location where they can safely hide, like an attic, a box, or an unoccupied corner.


You probably already know that mice and roof rats are as adept climbers as squirrels. The majority of rats are able to scale trees and access your roof by surrounding branches, fences, or even by scaling a drainpipe! It’s simple to enter your attic from there and build a nest to remain warm during the autumn and winter. If you hear scratching or chewing sounds coming from above or inside the walls, rats are probably moving into your attic or wall voids.


There are winter bugs that might swarm or cause difficulties indoors when it’s chilly outdoors, despite the fact that house insects are often more prevalent in the summer. In the winter, insects need both food and warmth. Make careful to store food in glass or plastic containers that are well sealed, and wipe up any food crumbs right away. If you are seeing more bugs during the winter call Hannan Environmental Services today at 772-344-2847 and get your free inspection.