Silverfish and firebrats are very similar in appearance and are therefore best distinguished by their differences in habitat. Silverfish prefer damp, cool places such as basements, laundry rooms, and under sinks.

Silverfish and firebrats have a distinctive fish-like appearance. Their bodies are flat, tapered at both ends, and covered by overlapping scales. They are wingless and small, about 1/2 inch (12.5 mm) in length or less. The antennae are threadlike and very long. They also have three long, thin, tail-like appendages at the end of the abdomen.

What Attracts Silverfish?

Despite the fact that it seldom gets below freezing, Florida winter pests are typically drawn to the refuge that a home offers. In Florida, winter pests seek certain humidity levels, easy access to food, and an environment with controlled warmth. The same applies to silverfish.

Once inside your home or garage, silverfish can be challenging to eradicate. Silverfish can survive for over a year on just water, even if you clean up all your food. In any case, it is wise to save food. If they can, seasonal pests like silverfish will enter it. If they can get inside it, they will even if they don’t need it to survive.

Are Silverfish Dangerous?

Silverfish are annoying pests since they don’t bite or sting humans or spread illnesses that can gravely harm us, but they are still a pain and a liability. People are often startled by their sudden movements and terrified by their looks.

When silverfish decide to settle down in one of our Florida homes, they wreak havoc on a variety of items we all have there, including dry foods kept in pantry areas, upholstered furniture, clothes, documents, wallpaper, and carpets.

The attraction of silverfish to regions with a lot of surplus moisture is another crucial feature of them. The presence of silverfish in your home may be a sign that there is a moisture issue in or around your home that needs to be fixed.

How to get rid of silverfish?

We at Hannan Environmental Services are aware of how frightening having silverfish in your house can be. We provide specialized pest control treatments that we carry out on a regular basis to assist you to maintain a home free of silverfish and other household pests.

Get in touch with Hannan Environmental Services if silverfish have started to cause problems in your house. All of our home pest control solutions include silverfish control. We were voted the best pest control service in Florida for 2022. We are certain that we can provide you with the peace of mind that silverfish and other pests will be permanently kept out of your house. Contact us today to get your free inspection.


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